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High House and Dreamweaver are environmentally friendly vacation homes. All the electricity is renewable, non-polluting solar and wind power. These non-carbon dioxide emitting houses have been operating like this since the late 1970's and have been practicing and upgrading their systems for the last 35 years. Recently renovated in 2015 with a new bathroom in Dreamweaver and brand new master bedroom in High House, these houses are exactly what you are looking for when it comes to island comfort and relaxation.

The houses have 3 sets of battery banks to store energy. The roofs are covered with solar panels that fill the battery banks to keep things going 24 hours a day. The power from the battery banks go through an inverter to provide 120 volt AC power. Two solar hot water heaters on both roofs ensure hot showers in each of the bathrooms and hot water in the kitchen at all times. When you really want to warm up, each house has hot tubs placed perfectly on the wrap around decks to watch the boats come in and out Coral Bay.


High House and Dream Weaver collect rainwater that run into massive cisterns for storage. A water filtering system has been installed in line to ensure that the water is safe for drinking and there is even a separate spout at the kitchen sink to fill a glass of water if you like. The houses have low flush toilets installed that aid in water savings and give the homes a more modern, stateside familiarity.

As a back up to our solar power, a generator has been installed away from the house that automatically comes on in case of cloudy days or high energy usage. It cannot be heard from either house. Both houses sustain eco-friendly living with modern construction all while maintaining that island vibe you came to enjoy while visiting with us on St. John.


Keeping St. John Green with Two Modern, Eco-Friendly Homes

The mid-morning view of Coral Bay from Dreamweaver!