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Here is a satellite view of High House and Dreamweaver. High House sits atop Ajax Peak, the highest point of St. John on the East Side, creating a view unrivaled by any other house overlooking Coral Bay and the British Virgin Islands. Dreamweaver also has an amazing view overlooking Coral Bay, as well as  a clear view of Norman Island and the Caves, two great snorkeling destinations also in the BVI. Believe us when we say that the sunrise in these houses is an experience in itself.

Crystal clear water awaits...

Below are the bays and beaches you will be near while staying with us. The homes are all within 12 minutes from some of the most famous beaches St. John has to offer. The most popular beaches and bays are shown on the map below including Trunk Bay, Cinnamon Bay, Hawksnest Bay, and Maho Bay.